Monday, February 15, 2010

If We Were Amenable

The television is not on that much in our house, but when it is, it is almost always on the WETA Kids station so the Nodlings can watch Martha Speaks, an animated show about a dog who can talk because she ate alphabet soup.

SO ... when I randomly turned the television on late the other night, there was a kids show on about the history of Mexico. At first I was a bit perturbed because it was showing the Aztecs and their demon mother goddess which I thought was a bit much for children (although they did not show the human sacrifice these gods required).

But it quickly moved on to the story of Juan Diego and the miraculous appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe (again they did not mention she ended the human sacrifice of infants in Mexico). I was surprised that they would deign to show religion and specifically Christianity in a positive light on television and a kids' show. Perhaps because it was under the aegis of "Mexican history and culture" it was allowable.

Now imagine if our own culture was so amenable.

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