Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weather Bound For DC Keeps Kids Homebound

Here comes Snow in Washington, D.C. It's supposed to be the big one for us -- up to 8 inches. While it's no northern blizzard, it's pretty much paralyzing for this former swamp area.

The residents are highly transient, with most people coming from somewhere else, and so snow experience varies accordingly.

Just as it only takes a few "bad seeds" to ruin a neighborhood, it only takes a few "bad drivers" to make driving in the D.C. metro area a nightmare.

Add to this the fact that Virginia never planned its roads for cars, they just paved the cow paths, and it's doubly dangerous.

Finally, every yuppie in an SUV around here thinks they can "drive in the snow because they have 4 wheel drive". Hey, genius, no one has 4 wheel stop!

It may be a good day to stay home.

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Kardinal said...

The dangers of driving in snow in DC are vastly overblown. I heard comments today thanking God they got to or from work alive. NOBODY DIED YESTERADY IN DC ON THE ROADS. NOBODY. No serious injuries either.

Sure, there are a few people who overestimate their own ability to drive in snow. On the whole, though, people slow down and drive reasonably. And on the whole, Fairfax county does a good job of getting the roads cleared quickly.

People in Buffalo New York are laughing at us right now. Yes, they know how to drive in it, but on the whole, so do most Washingtonians.


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