Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catholic Carnival #217

Catholic Carnival #217 is live, featuring a round up of posts from the Catholic blogosphere. This week's Carnival is themed around the Feast of the Annunciation. Thanks to Evann over at Home School Goodies for hosting.

Our entry examines what the Pope, Archbishop Cardinal George Pell, and the USCCB are all saying from three different corners of the world: the relationship between Liberalism, Intolerance, and Despotism.


What is the Catholic Carnival?
Blog Carnivals have been around for several years now - almost as long as blogs. In simple terms, they are a collection of blog posts from various bloggers and often from different points of view on a specific topic.

Each week the Catholic Carnival includes a varying number of Catholic posts from throughout the blogosphere. Any Catholic blogger can submit a post and the only real rule is that it cannot contradict Catholic doctrine. So far that rule has been enough to keep it as a high-quality location to find interesting Catholic thought on a weekly basis. Each Tuesday the Carnival is posted at a specific blog. You can find out where it's at either at Living Catholocism's Catholic Carnival section or at the Catholic Carnival page of Blog Carnival (which lists many, many blog Carnivals).

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