Friday, March 6, 2009

Beer Wars Brewing

It's Lent and monks everywhere are brewing beer. The secular beer monks are brewing too, but look out! beer heretics abound.

There's good beer and then there's bad beer; there's craft brewed and then there's mass brewed. What you like varies by time, temperament, and experience. There's the beer bourgeois and the beer elite.

Craft brewing has taken off like never before and yet there is rumor of worldwide hops shortages. Some will take short cuts by adding fillers such as corn or rice, while others will brook no substitutes.

What all this means is that there's a Beer War brewing and they're gunning for your hearts and souls -- er, palates and stomachs? There's even a movie about it -- check out and enjoy the trailer. The movie debuts April 16th.

h/t Real Life Rosary Weblog

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