Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just Sayin'

Some old notes I was keeping ... bet you can't guess.

What Was Said vs. What Was Done

I don't believe in big government : Government is the only one with the resources, Porkulus, ARRA
Respect those who disagree on abortion : mexico city policy, eliminated conscience rule, ESCR funding
No earmarks : 2009 budget full of earmarks
No lobbyists in administration : tons of lobbyists in administration
Most ethical administration ever : tax cheats and thugs
No socialism : single payer health care, studied with socialist mentors
Not associated with Ayers : held fundraisers with Ayers
Christian : Reverend Wright scandal, sin is going against own code
Bipartisan : I won, Rush Limbaugh
Can't just turn heat up : turned heat up

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