Monday, March 9, 2009

Nub's Tubes And Wires

"The Internets" are not the only thing with tubes and wires. Now that Nub's filling has been taken care of, we can move on to ears.

The rash of back-to-back "green" colds had convinced us that Nub's ear tubes had fallen out -- it was about the time for them to do so anyway. A trip to the doctor's confirmed that was the case and so a new appointment was scheduled to put them back in for the 3rd time.

Tomorrow's that day. For the second time in two weeks the kid is getting knocked out so they can do a procedure on him. Poor Nub! He's only 3 years old. (Sigh.)

It has a scary name called a myringotomy, but they just put a tiny incision in the ear drum and insert a tiny tube held in place by two wires to let the fluid that has built up behind the ear drum drain.

It's an outpatient procedure, and he usually comes through like a champ -- without whining and crying like all those big kids I see in the recovery room. The surgery time is later than the previous two times which means that the poor kid can't eat or drink until after noon tomorrow. Staving him off in the morning may be a challenge.

The other item for concern is that the awesome doctor who got the tubes into his impossibly crooked ear canals has suddenly retired, so there's no guarantee the new doctor will be as successful in getting both sides "in".

Pray for my boy, Nub. Mater misericordiae, ora pro nobis.

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Rachael said...

We are thinking of him.


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