Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blynken Raspberry

Here at Wynken, Blynken, and Nod we are pleased to announce a new and non-coveted award: the Blynken Raspberry.

This award is reserved for individuals or organizations who by their own volition are bad, evil, dirty, nasty, or generally rotten. It could have been called the bad-evil-dirty-nasty-rotten award, but that's too hard to say. This way, we cut to the chase -- pbbt! Also qualifying are acts of willful ignorance, incredibly bad judgement, sins of omission, and general wrong-headedness.

The list is not meant to be exclusive, because there simply is no limit to the ability of people to do boneheaded things. We're a creative race, and people should be recognized -- natural consequences, you know.

Swindle your grandmother? Pbbt! Raspberry for you! Waste the taxpayers money? Pbbt! Raspberry for you, too! Attack the Church? Redefine marriage? Support abortion while claiming to be a devout Catholic? Pbbt!, pbbt!, and double pbbt!

The image is mine, I made it; you may use it without restriction. Just drop me a note as a courtesy. Feel free to nominate the deserving.

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