Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Dresses Are Coming

Blynken's First Communion is fast approaching, which of course means: dresses.

My counters are awash in catalogs of white dresses, dresses with lace, dresses with bows and beads, satin gloves, veils, and tiaras.

Myself, I can't get excited about about spending a lot of money buying a one-time outfit, (seriously, you men, do you have an outfit that you bought to only wear once?) but the girls in the house are all a-flutter.

Then again, I shore do like it when them girls dress up purty. Maybe I'll just wait and be surprised.


Amanda said...

Both girls are looking too cute in those dresses... I'm just looking for nice dress for my daughter!! Love those white dresses!!

Nod said...

Hey, great link -- thanks!

Mrs. Nod said...

Here is the dress that Blynken chose:

Note: It is displayed in sky blue but we bought it in white.

PS - Most of the dresses were in the $50-$80 range. The first 3 web sites I hit were in the $100-$175 range.

Mrs. Nod said...

I am going to figure out how to make this post:

Blynken's communion dress

Communion Dress Mom said...

These dresses look adorable. Aren't they from US Angels?

Nod said...

These dresses are from St. Jude's Shop ( and respectively.

Beautiful, elegant, and guaranteed not to break the bank.


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