Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adventures In Neighborhoods

I hate to think badly of anyone, and I'll usually go out of my way to make excuses for others, but I've got to admit my neighbor runs a very ... unorthodox household.  The more I  try not to think about it, the weirder things she does, and the more the creeping suspicion grows that something Just Doesn't Add Up.

Here we are in a down economy, and she's actually expanding her house. During the housing and economic boom, this was completely unremarkable in our neighborhood. Now, it's a cause for pause.
She doesn't have a job and is currently taking school classes for something-or-other. So just where is the money for all this coming from?

She rents out her house, which she also lives in, on a month to month basis. She got a maximum 3 or 4 renters and I doubt she's getting top dollar, but who really knows? When she initially moved into the neighborhood, I was first on the Welcome Wagon. She is supposedly married, but her husband doesn't live here, and I've never laid eyes on him. When I confronted her about this, she waved her hands and gave a vague "it's better to just let him go do whatever" kind of answer.

Who buys a house with a wife that you don't intend to live with? From what I've pieced together her "husband" owns a construction company and lives with his girlfriend. Yet, there has been continual interior construction going on from Day 1. The implication is he's doing it -- but why? She is neither young nor beautiful, and she is not native born USA.

I smell green card fraud and a money making scheme. I can't figure out the angle though. We've had ICE staking out the house during the Troubles. It's gotten lots quieter since then, but no less weird.

Incidentally, this picture shows the whole "house on stilts" effect that comes from turning your deck into an enclosed room that I hate. I refused to do this to my house, although I have a split level. I spent the few extra bucks and dug out the basement for future expansion. 

Can you imagine someone walking under your house and knocking on the floor?


Elizabeth said...

I don't know about where you live, but that would not pass building inspection in PA. The footings poured for a deck cannot support a room...eek. I think you might be right about the green card deal.

Patrick said...

I was just going to comment along similar lines to Elizabeth. How in the world is that up to code?

LarryD said...

You should go over there and in your best Desi impersonation, say:

"Looooooocy, you has some 'splainin' to do!"

Or maybe not.


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