Sunday, January 11, 2009

What If?

Blynken is my questioner; always she is the one who will ask the far-flung questions ... What if I died? What if I did that thing you said not to do? What if you won the lottery? I wonder what would happen if I took this bag of marbles and knocked it on the floor? ... and so on.

She was so excited to make her first Reconciliation that she had another question:
What if after making my Confession, I never sinned again?
I laughed; but it is a great question for all of us. What if we never sinned again after making our Confession?

What a superb attitude! Of course we're all fallible (that's why we have Confession in the first place); but isn't that what we all striving for with the Grace of God?

C'mon: what if?


Patrick said...

The answer to that (for me) is "I'd never have to go to confession again, and that'd be AWESOME."

Nothing against confession, but it is something I struggle with.

So shouldn't that be good motivation to go, and then never sin again? You'd think so. ;)

Nod said...

Confessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays. :-)


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