Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cold Blarg

In what seems to be an annual event, the Nods are sharing a family cold. Said Nod,
"Economic times being what they are, we couldn't afford to go out and get everyone in the family their own cold for Christmas. We're sharing this one really big one, so that everyone feels like they got their own piece."
The cold the Nods got is a doozie and comes with its own geographic features: first you run the River Snot, which flows to the Head Pounding Falls; farther downstream the Stuffy Mountains loom at a rarefied height, at least two or three atmospheric pressures more than the Scratchy Throat Lowlands; sneezing reveals the Starry Eyed Wonderland and Arora Corporealis: "Look, Nub, colors!"

When asked to comment, Mrs. Nod said, "Jus cub eye hed ov." which was taken to mean:
"Just cut my head off."
Whee! First one with antibiotics wins!

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