Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Pointer Sisters: Pinball

Ok, ok, one more ... I just can't help but reminisce. This is probably the King of them all: the Pointer Sister's Pinball song on Sesame Street. Man, I still hum this thing under my breath 30 years later.

This one is nice because it is a compilation of ALL the numbers 1-12; the quality varies, but come on it's the pinball song! Now if I could only get that pinball game for myself ...


Patrick said...

Hee. I posted a link to this very video (it was on "Google Video" then) way back in 2006. I still get a kick out of it. I had NO IDEA that it was the Pointer Sisters, though. How cool.

Incidentally, my favorite one is "11". I will occasionally burst out into this song, and it is always the "11" one, which baffles Kate to no end. "Why is it always eleven with you?" :)

Nod said...

No way! Absolutely it's always been 11 for me too!

Sometimes I just burst out with "11" without the song -- people just stare.

Ha! LOL!


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