Friday, January 16, 2009

On Sleep and Mesmers

The terrible toddlers, Nib and Nub, have taken to screaming and crying. This is to say: they won't nap, and they won't go to bed anymore.

Whether they are not getting enough exercise or stimulation during the day, or whether it's been the perennial cough and cold this season brings, or something else completely is anyone's to guess. What I do know is that the old stand-bys are not working anymore.

This gets to be a little nerve wracking after a while, as you may imagine. Couple this with a steady moaning from about 4pm onward, and you start to get that look in your eye.

Enter the video. Now I hate as a matter of habit to put on a video just to turn their brains off, but now and again, it's your only defense. Until we transition to the "new" routine, whatever that may be, this will work as a backstop.

Nib and Nub are fascinated with the Baby Signing Times video series, which is designed to teach pre-verbal, deaf, or developmentally delayed kids simplified sign language. Heck, the older kids are fascinated by it too and they speak just fine. It aims to cut down on a lot of the frustration that kids feel when they can't communicate.

Suffice it to say: the Baby Signing Times videos are a mesmer. I put it on for Nub while he was in the crib -- zonkers in 20 minutes. I put it on for Nib in her high chair (at 11pm when she refused to sleep) --- ka-pow! Sleeping like a ... well, baby.

So there you go: educational, entertaining, and sleep inducing -- a parent's dream.

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