Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thieves and Heists

Well, there goes the month of January ... the hugely fun time sink known as MacHeist is kicking off again.
The following outlaws are guilty of stealing away all your free time with fiendishly difficult puzzles, free Mac apps, and the best deal in Mac software:

John “johnred” Casasanta, Boss; Phill Ryu, Big Brother; and Scott Meinzer, That Other Guy

This is fun, hard, and rewarding if you own a Mac. I frequently "cheat" when I get stuck by trolling the forums for hints and clues. There is a serious worldwide following for this stuff. To solve the puzzles takes a computer, a search engine, a bunch of free software, and a wide depth of knowledge (or a worldwide forum). The puzzles are almost universally clever, themed, and multi-layered: easy enough to get started, hard enough to get stuck. The perfect time-waster!

And the best part is that you end up with free software and an opportunity to buy additional software at steeply discounted prices. It's so good, you feel like you got away with something!

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