Friday, January 9, 2009

The Opposite of Peach Is ...


Today Illinois lawmakers voted 114-1 to impeach embattled Illinois Governor Blagojevich. Blagojevich is accused of trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat, to use influence to fire the Chicago Tribune editorial writers, and extort money from Children's Memorial Hospital among other offenses.

Widely cited as evidence of Blago's misconduct are the FBI wiretaps of his profanity laced phone conversations. What strikes me as odd is that one guy voted against impeachment, and one lady voted "present" (apparently, she is following Obama's example here; I wonder how widespread that practice actually is.)
The one lawmaker voting against impeachment was Rep. Milton Patterson, a Chicago Democrat who represents the South Side. Rep Elga Jefferies, also a Chicago Democrat, voted present.

Patterson said he wasn't defending anyone, but that he read the impeachment committee's report and wasn't comfortable voting against the governor. "I have no firsthand knowledge of any of the evidence," he said.
No firsthand knowledge of any of the evidence? No kidding; the only people who would have firsthand knowledge are a) the guilty parties, or b) the FBI.

When you are the lone dissenter, you are guaranteed to get your name in the news. I suspect this has more to do with garnering some spotlight for himself than any pangs of conscience for Miltie.

Jefferies voting "present" is a lot like entering a plea of "No contest"; don't we elect these people to take a stand and vote?

The Illinois legislature is doing the only thing they can do to stop the three ring circus that has become their government: in ring one, the Law-Defying Blagojevich; in ring two, No-Honor Burris; in ring three, the Chicago South Side Glory Hounds.

It's distasteful, but necessary; kind of like a legal pooper-scooper. Get that crap off of our lawns.

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