Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wynken Lashing

What kind of parent sends his child to sleep outside in the 25-30 degree cold? The parent of a Boy Scout, of course.

Wynken's Troop is doing their first winter campout this weekend. They had a shakedown event on Thursday to make sure that every Scout was packed properly for the cold: boots, long underwear, wool socks, hats, gloves, sleeping mat/bag/fleece, and so on.

Since it's their first cold weather camp, the boys will actually be sleeping in unheated cabins, so that should take the sting out of the elements at least while sleeping.

While in the woods, they are working on their camping skills, including fire making and lashings. The picture shows how to lash a cross piece to a tree to hold a 20 pound ruck.

Ah, boys and their sticks in the woods ...


Michael Halbrook said...

This brought back fantastic memories of my own cold-weather camping back in the day with my troop. Here's hoping that Wynken and his troop had a great outing.

Nod said...

Thanks Michael. The boys came back tired but happy. I'd say it was a big success. :D

Joann said...

It's not for everyone, by that I mean Me.

My husband has great memories of his ROTC students trekking through the woods on maneuvers, map reading and hunting down the "bad guys."


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