Thursday, December 30, 2010

7 Forbidden Foods

I'm relatively open to trying new foods and taste combinations, but I'm not adventurous for adventure's sake. I have no need to try the world's deadliest hot sauce or to try to squeeze water out of elephant dung for survival.

I simply like food and am willing to try new things. But there is a short list of foods I hate and will avoid with a passion. In no particular order, the 7 forbidden foods:

  1. Liquid Smoke (sorry aka the Mom)
  2. Liver (makes me want to hurl, but strangely liverwurst is OK)
  3. Organs of any kind (brains, eyeballs, tendons, tongue -- yes, it's been offered)
  4. Non-Kraft macaroni & cheese (powdered orange cheese rocks! Velveeta sux!)
  5. Eggplant (tried it baked, fried, boiled, etc. It's just yucky.)
  6. Marinated artichoke hearts in chicken salad (bad experience, yo.)
  7. Mussels, spiny urchin, and some rather exotic seafood (regular sushi/sashimi is OK)
There may be other stuff that I don't care for, or may merely tolerate, but this is the list that makes me turn green and bolt the other way. What does it for you?


David Marciniak said...

NO!!! Make it no be true! I love organs (sweet breads); I love mussels and all seafood even if it is still crawling; liver is my friend, I'll have you know (especially chicken livers! Yum); Eggplant on the grill, fried and smothered in sauce and cheese, or layered in lasagna - priceless. Liquid smoke is gross. Kraft mac and cheese is darn good, I must admit. I am so very sick of marinated artichoke hearts, or any artichokes for that matter now that restaurants have been heaping the cheap fillers on EVERY plate of salad.

My 7 Forbidden Foods:
1. Limburger Cheese. Smells and tastes like sweaty socks.
2. Lo mein. Lost it in a college mixture of Dewars and Marlboro's. Will never go back.
3. Fish sticks. The kids love them. I despise them.
4. Green and Yellow wax beans. A lifelong hatred.
5. Ketchup. I know this is un-American. I am truly ashamed.
6. Bugles. Similar college story to lo mein.
7. Brazil nuts. They taste gross and make my teeth feel funny.

There you have it. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

If you don't like Liquid Smoke, I recommend staying away from Laphroaig Scotch Whisky. That is liquid smoke. I'm sure some mesquite-in-a-bottle can't deserve the title.

As for my forbidden foods, here they are:


That's right; there are none. That being said, I don't like ketchup or foie gras all that much.


Genevieve Thul said...

My 7 Forbidden Foods:
1. Plain yellow mustard. Never liked it.
2. Whiskey. Scotch. Bourbon. Or any other straight true alcohol that doesn't have Schnapps in the name.
3. Octopus. Eww.
4. Things dyed with octopus ink. Eww.
5. Raw fish.
6. Deli meat. Best way in the world to be poisoned by food.
7. Stilton cheese.
8. Oh wait. You said seven.


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