Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Third Beer Of Christmas

The third beer of Christmas is the Flying Fish Belgian Style Dubbel from the Flying Fish Brewing Co, Cherry Hill NJ. 7.0% ABV

This beer is made as a Classic dubbel style. Note this is a Belgian "style", not a true Belgian -- and it shows. Those brewing monks have their secret recipies that they've been working on for a couple hundred years and that's not easily reproduced by some upstarts in New Jersey. Maybe it is the yeast, maybe it's something else, I don't know.

This beer pours a light brown with hints of copper color. The head was next to nonexistent. As for bouquet, initially the beer was too cold to give off any esters or nose. After five or ten minutes of warming, I was startled by a soapy smell. Is this my glass? Another ten minutes and the beer was devoid of any nose at all.

The taste was as I expected from the style: Sweet malt, candi sugar, smooth, good body.

I struggled to like this beer, but I found it unremarkable. For a Belgian "style" beer, it lacked any, well, style. It was decent without being remarkable.

The one good quality I liked is that it hid its high 7% ABV gravity well. It did not come off as "hot" or alcoholic tasting.

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