Sunday, December 19, 2010

Doppelganger Dilemma

I'm used to being fairly unique. In fact, my surname is somewhere in the neighborhood of the 21,000th "most common" last names in the United States. Not exactly springing up everywhere. So I'm always a bit nonplussed whenever I encounter it somewhere that it doesn't actually relate to my family.

I've looked online and in census tables and there are exactly two other guys who share my name. I can't quite figure out if it's the same guy who moved from Colorado to Seattle or really two guys, so we'll call it two. One of those guys has an Amazon wish list and he wants a piloting book -- not me.  It makes me want to hunt them down and demand they change it due to false impersonation. 

I could use my "mad skillz" on Teh Internets to force the issue, but that just wouldn't be right now would it? (Let's see ... he's got my name, lives in CO or WA, has a wife and kid that I  know about ... no, no must stop.)

Imagine my surprise when "Julie" sent me this email instead of to her husband of the same name:
I'm so sorry but I accidentally had Omaha steaks send you an email (instead of my husband) saying you are receiving Omaha steaks for Christmas.  Unfortunately you're not the recipient :(   I was momentarily mistaken about his email address.

Sorry for an confusion and/or excitement this may have caused.
Doh! Yes, there was some confusion and/or excitement, but not just because of the steak. I feel a little Highlander coming on -- there can be only one!
The least they can do is to send me a veal cutlet. I'm just sayin'.

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LarryD said...

I think your wife should buy you some Omaha Steaks just to make you feel better...

...and have a Merry Christmas, Nod - may you and your family have a blessed and healthy and holy holiday!


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