Monday, December 27, 2010

Second Beer Of Christmas

The 12 Beers of Christmas is a little tradition I started last year in which I treated myself to 12 different beers, one each day. It celebrates the incredible taste and variety that can be found in beers around the world and just a few klicks from my doorstep.

The Second Beer of Christmas is Lion Stout, established 1881 in Sri Lanka. That's a long, hot way to go for a beer. This stout pours a dark cola brown, nearly black in color and forms a thick, creamy tan head that persists for a long time. I was tempted to float a bottle cap on it.

The nose is all malt sweetness. On the palate the malt is pronounced with roasted chocolate and dark cocoa notes, almost coffee. It goes down rich and smooth and delicious.

At a hefty 8% ABV, this is a heavyweight contender that is good to savor by the fireplace. It's high alcohol content will light a fire of its own in your belly.

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