Friday, December 3, 2010

Surgery Update

Mrs. Nod's father has been in the hospital since before Thanksgiving with congestive heart failure. They scheduled surgery yesterday, but pulled him off the table at the last minute (literally) to make way for an emergency surgery.

The surgery was successfully performed today with only minor complications. He had a band placed around his mitral valve and chordae repair. This valve had moderate to severe leakage. The doctors also replaced his aortic valve with an organic valve from a pig. If he'd opted for the mechanical valve, he'd be required to be on blood thinners permanently.

Apparently, the calcium build up in his aortic valve indicated several years of problems. The doctor claimed his aortic valve was worst he has ever seen. Unbeknownst to everyone he had a congenital defect of only having 2 flaps instead of 3. As a result his heart muscle has swelled inordinately and his pulmonary (lung) blood pressure is sky high.

Somehow the echocardiogram from six months ago missed this very obvious defect. But it's all corrected now. Mrs. Nod's dad is going to have one heck of a sore chest when he wakes up, but he'll regain his strength and energy by being able to breathe and get some oxygen into his blood. It may take six months before he makes a full recovery.

Thanks to all who offered prayers.

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