Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reason #67 Why I Hate The DC Metro

Other than the fact that I narrowly missed being one of those who were stranded on the Metro for nearly two hours this week when they couldn't get the power restored;

other than the fact that some guy was pushing me from behind to get on to an already overcrowded train (he got a piece of my mind!);

other than the fact that the infrastructure is crumbling, that the parking garages leak like sieves, that the train doors open randomly during transit, that the safety system doesn't work, that the trains themselves are unsafe;

other than the fact that a majority of the Metro workers are as helpful as drain clots;

other than the fact that even with headphones, I can still hear people's music players five seats away, that people blatantly disregard the no eating/drinking rules;

other than the fact that it adds 3 hours to my commute and drains my wallet for both trains and parking (and gets me not enough of either);

other than the fact that the city of D.C. can't be bothered to shovel the public walkways when it snows and ices, causing one lady to exclaim, "This is the worst city in the world!";

other than that, I can't think of a single reason I hate the D.C. Metro.

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