Thursday, December 24, 2009

Imperial Senator Reid Makes Bill Repeal Illegal

In a stunning display of arrogance and hubris, Senate majority leader Harry Reid has included language in the Senate version of the health care reform bill that prevents it from being repealed or even amended without a super majority of votes (67).

Reid's language in Section 3403 clearly binds future congresses (both House and Senate) and changes the standing rules of the Senate (rule XV) which is designed to prevent the tyranny of a majority over the minority. And the Democratic leadership is enabling it.

Put in plain language, the Democrats are so anxious to create "universal health care" (something this bill doesn't actually accomplish) and maintain government control over a sixth of our economy, that they are changing the definition of the very words used to prevent such abuse.

This is a major step forward towards tyranny.

This calls to mind that scene in Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back, when Darth Vader tells Lando: "I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further."

Same tactics.


Kardinal said...

Your source on this is Alex Jones? Please tell me you read the section in question and didn't just take his word for it. This is a guy who actually believed there would be "death panels" I'm HR 3200. Which is pretty much totally false.

Nod said...

No, the original source was John McCormack in the Washington Examiner. I've corrected myself. Thanks.

This was just a case of lazy linking, since I was looking for the specific Section number. Let that be a lesson for me.


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