Sunday, September 28, 2008

Call me a Doubter

But this just restores your faith in miracles.



Joe Klinker said...

Please tell me you are a Skins fan and you will make my day! Too bad we lost today, but this is a nice reminder of what we are capable of!!! (I'm from Herndon, VA and a huge fan! Gotta love Zorn, huh?)

I saw a link to your blog on Catholic Dads and I thought you might be interested in joining Catholic Mountain ( - it's a social network (like Facebook) for Catholic men and you can feed in your blog, share/view videos, host discussions, get the latest news, read weekly Mass reflections, you name it...

Hope to see you there and God bless your efforts on the web!

Joe Klinker

Nod said...

Hi, Joe. Of course I'm a Skins fan! yeah we lost Sunday, but so did Dallas, so we're even.

Thanks for the heads up on Catholic Mountain, I'll check it out.



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