Friday, September 12, 2008

Nub's got a bum ankle

My youngest son, whom we shall call Nub, stopped walking suddenly and refuses to put any weight on his right foot, but will only crawl from place to place.

Since he is unable to tell us what's bothering him, we took him to the doctor's. Not entirely conclusive, but seems like he has a sprained ankle (or something). It's entirely possible, given his loose ligaments for something like this to happen.

My poor baby!

It doesn't seem to bother him much, other than not walking. Kids are pretty smart: if it hurts, they don't use it.


Patrick said...

He looked like he'd recovered pretty well at church yesterday. Glad it wasn't something more serious!

Although if he couldn't walk I might have gotten more special Nub snuggles, which are completely precious. :)

Nod said...

You are so good with him, it warms my heart. :-D

Patrick said...

How can you NOT be good with him?! :)


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