Friday, September 19, 2008

Fairly Melodic

Hey, the piano got tuned yesterday!

We've had it for a while from Mrs. Nod's parents, but just got around to tuning it.
It actually sounds pretty nice. We'll have to have it tuned in a month or two, since it's never been tuned for 20 years, but hey.

The (gentle) plink of the piano key sounded good (especially after my harrowing dentist appointment -- remember to FLOSS!). Maybe one of the kids will show a real interest in playing. Heck, I'm kinda interested in playing now.


Rachael said...

You should take some lessons. That would be cool! I got to hear the beautiful sound of your in-tune piano this afternoon... Wonderful! (Maybe Blynken and I can play a duet sometime)

Nod said...

Hey cool! Maybe you could show her some basics to whet her appetite. I'd love to see a duet!


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