Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I sometimes wonder about language. I know that all the Romance languages come from Latin, so they are the same "at root". But then again they are different for a reason.  So as an exercise, I took the text of Mary Had A Little Lamb and ran it through the transliteration process at Babelfish.

We started with the odd constructions of English poetry, simplified them into Spanish, complicated and contracted them by means of French, and then passed them into that wonderfully over-literal language German, and then back again into our native English.

I'm sure the "root" of it is perfectly intelligible, no?

Maria had a small lamb,
small lamb,
small lamb,
Maria had a small lamb,
of, which was white heavy and smooth rag as snow.
AND by all parts this Maria,
Maria was,
Maria was,
and by all parts this Maria was,
l' Lamb was reliably d' to go.

It is to l' followed; Train one day
l' School teaches one day
one day,
it is it to l' followed; School per one day,
against which rules which was.
It ensured that the children laugh and the play,
the laughter and made the play,
the laughter and the play,
the children to laugh and the play,
around a lamb in l' to see; School.

AND the professor gave it so much outside
return toward outside
in view of the return it
approximately in view of the return it toward the outside,
AND the professor gave it so much return toward the outside,
but it was expected still close
AND patientement over stopped,
patientement over,
patientement over
AND been waiting patientement around jusqu' Maria appear.

Why l' Lamb likes Maria so much?
Does Maria love so much?
Does Maria love so much? 
Parce qu' it makes l' Loves Maria of l' Lamb therefore,
the impatient cry of the children. 
Because Maria l' likes;
Lamb you know."
L' You, l' know lamb
You know lamb, 
Because Maria l' likes; You know lamb, the professor answered.

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