Monday, February 28, 2011

Coming Attractions

Sometimes we ask questions that we're afraid to know the answers to. It's an exercise that -- like sausage -- you're better off sometimes not knowing how it's made.

But if we fail to ask ourselves the Big Questions, what we don't know can hurt us.  For weeks I've been freaking out in slow motion over a rumor. I forced myself to do the research before reacting though.

I typically react quickly with credulousness (I'm a sucker -- I'll believe it), stop myself, disbelieve it, demand proof, adopt a wait-and-see attitude, bounce the idea off people I respect, think about it, and then draw conclusions. I'm trained to be suspicious.

So what's got me fretting?

This question: Is Senomyx the new Soylent Green?

I think I'm ready to answer that question ... coming soon.

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