Monday, February 7, 2011

All Your Stink Are Belong To Us

I don't know whether to laugh or cry: I just saved $60 on diapers. Of course I had to pay over $200 to get that "savings", but I was going to buy them eventually anyway, right?

I was doing some errands for my wife to get ready for the new Nodling (Min? Nip? Bit? Mote?) and I ran into a 1-day sale at Babies R Us. (Yes, at this moment I feel like a Mommy-blogger, gender notwithstanding -- no, wait, I provided for my family in true manly fashion!)

I usually blow off anybody who's trying to hand me anything, but I suddenly realized that we actually use Huggies diapers. Buy a certain amount and get a gift card for $20 which activates within 6 hours. So I bought a load, got a $40 gift card, came back that evening and bought more diapers using the gift card -- and got another gift card for $20. Cha-ching!

Now I'm stocked up on Nub and Nib diapers and got a little for the baby (Nym? Pip? Noodle?) as well -- not nearly enough -- they don't sell newborn diapers in big enough packs.

I've actually considered wiping the little dears' behinds with dollar bills and just cutting out the middleman, but there's that whole absorbency thing and all.

Behold, my double-wide -- a 1000 diapers strong!


Elizabeth said...

LOL. I like Noodle...though it is a bit long by your standards. Just DON'T use Nit...that would lead to nit picking :)

aka the Mom said...

Good for you! That's an awesome deal. Did you also sign up for the Toys R Us frequent shopper card? You should be getting some nice giraffe cash, or whatever they call it, back for spending that much.

Just a tip from one mommy blogger to another. :)


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