Friday, February 4, 2011

Name The Nodling

Ok, so we're getting close to the birth of our 6th child (a boy!) and now we are faced with a very important decision -- one I'm hoping you can help with. Not only does our son need his IRL (in real life) name, but he also needs a cybernym, his online name.

His siblings are Wynken, Blynken, and Nod-girl (after the title of this blog and the famous poem); the younger toddlers are Nub and Nib. If you haven't met them before, let me introduce them here.

We need a cybernym for #6: after all, if you're reading this blog you're going to have to put up with whatever we come up with. We can only call him the baby Nodling for so long. :D

The Nodlings as a rule are not over-tall, but what they lack in height they make up for in numbers. Therefore, I like small names that refer to small things -- like Nub and Nib. However, I'm open to suggestions that might fit the WBN theme as well. For those of you not keeping track, this will give us 3 boys and 3 girls.

So how about it -- wanna help a guy out? Throw out some names and I'll pick something I like. It could be yours!

Just to get the ball rolling, a couple of good ones I've heard are: Dab and Pip.

What do you think?


LarryD said...

Here are my suggestions:

Grog (cos you're a beer aficionado,after all!)
Knot (cos he ties the score at 3-3)

or my personal fave....



Nod said...

Yum, grog...

Mike said...


Anonymous said...

I suggest "Nil" and "Nix." I would vote for "Nip," but I think it's a little too close to "Nib."


Anonymous said...

I do not support Nil or Nix from Shoe. Both of those mean "nothing" And we all know this nodling is going to be a bundle of joy. My first thought was "Niblet", but as you know I've always preferred "Sixtus". Shoe and I actually agree on "Min" and "Newb".

--Girl Friday

Nod said...

Blynken says she wants her brother to be called NAB. (What, is he a Bible?)

We seem to be stuck on names beginning with "N".

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think "Bit" would also be excellent.

Come on. You know you like it.


Nod said...

Lots of creative suggestions. So hard to choose. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Og (the king of Bashan)!
Nim (or Nym)

Anonymous said...

For the new boy: Owl
For the next (girl): Cat
For the children's poem: "The Owl and the Pussy Cat"

Sea - for "put out to sea"
Pea - for "pea green"
Fowl - for "You elegant fowl!"
Bong - for "the Bong-tree"
Wig or P-wig - for "Piggy-wig"



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