Wednesday, February 2, 2011

False Alarm, Labor Averted

[11:15] Ok, that was unnecessarily exciting. Mrs. Nod has NOT gone into labor, crisis averted. Doctor just says to keep an eye on things.
This has been a test of the Emergency Nodling System. Had this been a real emergency, we would have relayed important information to you via this station. This is only a test.
Thanks everybody for the quick prayers. We'll let the little guy get another week or so under his belt (hopefully). I could deal with a St. Valentine's Day baby. Superbowl baby -- not so much.


Mike in CT said...

Oh, your son is playing "PSYCHE!"

We've had a few like that. Patience, patience, patience.

Anonymous said...

If this had been a real emergency, a baby nod would have emerged by now.
OK, jokes aside now, I have to tell you that when I first read the headline, I thought to myself, "man, if only I had to work when the alarm went off..."
Then I realized you were referring to "working," but to "childbirth."


Anonymous said...

OK, let me try again, this time in English:
"man, if only I had to work only when the alarm went off!"
Then I realized that in saying "labor" you were NOT referring to "working," but to "childbirth."


LarryD said...

What'd I miss?

Nod said...

Larry, see previous post. We thought Mrs. Nod was going to go into labor, but she didn't. Back to waiting.


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