Monday, March 28, 2011

Rituals Of The Season

Today was Wynken's first soccer practice of the season. 

He's got the same coach and almost all of the same boys as last season, which is a bonus. They're generally a good lot.

Unfortunately, it is unseasonably cold with temperatures in the 35F degree range. I stood around with a couple of the other dads making chit chat though clenched teeth. Meanwhile, I'm thinking: why do we do this crazy social ritual when every one of us would rather be waiting in the car with the heat on full?

Eventually, one of the dads who was in thin cotton slacks bolted for the comfort of his car. I'm wondering now: how come I wasn't smart enough to do that? Ah, the pressure of social graces.

The boys were fine since they were running around.


LarryD said...

My son's first baseball practice was Monday evening - 30 degrees as the sun was setting.

No warm car for me - I'm an assistant coach.

Nod said...

Yikes - real Spring can't come early enough.


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