Friday, March 18, 2011

The Best Blogging Buddies Evah!

Recently we at the Nod household received baby shower gifts for our latest Nodling, Dab. The fact that it was unexpected, unmerited, and a complete act of kindness only serves to accentuate its worth.

Check out these onesies -- they're awesome! Dab is gonna wear them with pride as he says his rosary and learns about the saints.

Mrs. Nod and I are extremely grateful to Rebecca (aka the Mom), LarryD, and anyone else who may have had a hand in it (you know who you are!). Somehow you made an obscure guy with a little blog and a big family feel very special.



aka the Mom said...

You're welcome! I like how they let the only girl in the group do the shopping! :0)

aka the Mom said...

Oh, and I want to see a picture of that baby in his Nodling shirt.

Nod said...

Ha! Ha! I put the Nodling shirt on him with the intent of taking a picture, and he promptly spit up on it. So maybe after I wash it ...


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