Thursday, March 10, 2011

24:15 Senomyx Green

For those of you who will remember, the iconic film Soylent Green depicted a dystopian future in which all the food supplies have been exhausted by overpopulation and people are dependent on protein bars handed out by the government in order to stay alive. The secret origins of Soylent Green are revealed at the climax to be made from the only remaining source: It’s people! — in a word, cannibalism.

Ever since then, Soylent Green has become a byword to describe the unthinkable thrust upon the unsuspecting.

One of the biggest driving forces behind the abortion business is money. Abortion is big business. Body parts can and are being sold to medical researchers, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics companies, IVF labs, and a growing list of customers that may surprise you (there’s gotta be some kind of regulations, right?).

Anyone who has ever researched how vaccines are made may have wrestled with the notion of “remote material cooperation” with evil. Is it morally licit to use a vaccine made from aborted fetal cell lines? Some say yes, some say no. The Church has no official position on extant shots that I know of, and is generally pro-vaccine. It seems to come down to making a decision with a properly informed conscience. (Don’t flame me — I take it on a case-by-case basis.)

So when I became aware of the current controversy regarding a food flavoring biotech company called Senomyx using cells from aborted fetuses, I began to get that sinking feeling. Are they putting Soylent Green in our food as “artificial flavors” ?

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UPDATE: Campbell Soup has dropped their partnership with Senomyx over negative publicity regarding using aborted fetal cells.


aka the Mom said...

Your link is dead. Can you please fix it? I want to read this!

Nod said...

Sorry Mom, all fixed.


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