Saturday, July 17, 2010

Overheard In My House

Like any red blooded male, I like guy stuff. This extends to the foods I enjoy as well. While I can appreciate a well cooked dish, subtlety of spices, and the like, sometimes you just want a cold beer and a stinky cheese.

When evaluating wine or beer, one of the characteristics is its viscosity, which can be expressed in terms of "body" and "legs" ( how well it clings to the side of the glass ).

My brother and I were admiring our latest batch of newly improved homebrew, the Irish Red Draught Ale, and I remarked that it had good body and decent legs. I then unwrapped a soft cheese called Tome Chayuse. My brother caught one whiff of this pungent cheese and exclaimed, "Whew! It smells like feet!"

Since we have beer with legs, and cheese with feet, we'd better stay right here and make sure it doesn't go anywhere!

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