Friday, March 26, 2010

Wegmans, I'd Marry You

If one could marry a grocery store, I just might marry Wegmans. This store is getting to be too good to believe.

I was going to post about our Lenten Friday fish fry, that I learned how to do by watching the chefs at the Wegmans seafood bar; so I went to their Web site to see if I could find a picture of their Mahi-Mahi.

What I found kind of blew me away. It's shocking for a grocery store to be this good.

First find: not only was there a picture of the fish, but also a complete recipe with ingredients, directions, and nutrition information.
Ok, that's fairly nice. Say, that fish looks pretty good, but I don't really know how to "pan sear" fish. What's that in the left corner over there? Is that a link to a tutorial on how to pan sear seafood? Gosh, that's comprehensive.

I'll have to remember that the next time I go to Wegmans and pick up the supplies for this great looking meal. Wait, what's that other thing at the top? I can add these ingredients for this meal to a shopping list automatically by clicking on that button. Cool!
If you click "Select Ingredients to Add to your Shopping List" you get this screen. The ingredients are all laid out separately and you can increase quantities as needed. From there you can name your Shopping List, view, print, or save.

Wegmans has got this whole thing figured out and then some. They are taking away all my excuses of why this Can't Be Done.

Wegmans is even on Twitter. That's just crazy.


Kardinal said...

That is truly awesome. Now I know what we're having for Good Friday meal...;)

Well, perhaps it's a bit too extravagant for Good Friday. meal!

LarryD said...

Wegman's originated in Rochester NY (my hometown). They're run by a good Catholic family (at least they used to be!)

Nod said...

Get out, LarryD! I graduated from the U of R. I didn't know you were a Rochesterian.

My parents met at Wegmans, no lie!

Mrs. Nod said...

Wegmans can't have you. I got you first. Remember that "til death do us part" part?

(Now don't go planning to "off" me.)

Luv ya!

LarryD said...

Six degrees of Wegman's Bacon.


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