Friday, March 5, 2010

Are Beards Making A Comeback?

I was bored at the staff meeting, so I was scanning faces of those standing along the wall during the meeting. I noticed that a significant fraction of the men had beards. A quick count showed 11 out of 26 with some kind of facial hair.

Getting more specific, 8 had goatees, 2 had full beards, and 1 had a mustache.

That's a lot of facial hair. It could be because it's winter, or because they are all involved in IT, or some other random influence. But the point is: the beard is making a comeback.

The goatee (or Van Dyke) seems to be the most popular beard nowadays. It gives you full coverage on the essential parts (mouth and chin) without committing to the "Grizzly Adams" look. Plus, if your beard is going to be patchy, the sides and cheeks are the most likely suspects.

Mine is here for fall and winter and gone after Easter -- and yes, it does keep your face warm.

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