Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beeriodic Table

This is just too awesome not to share: the Beeriodic Table. It's got categories like wheat beers, lambics and sours, Belgian ales (yeah!), bitters, Scottish ales, brown ales, porters, stouts, pilsners, american lager, European lager, bock, alt, French Ale, German amber, American amber, American Special, Smoked Beer/Barleywine, and strong ale.

It also displays original/final gravity, alcohol by volume (ABV), international bitterness units (IBU), and SRM (Standard Reference Method, a scale used to classify the color of beer in the USA. It is based on degrees Lovibond (degL) ).

Notice how many more Ales there are vs. Lagers? That's taste, my friend.

The T-shirt also sports degrees Plato:

[Wikipedia] The Balling scale was developed by German chemist Karl Balling.[citation needed] It refers to the concentration of dissolved solids (mostly sucrose) as the percentage sucrose at 17.5 °C. The Brix scale was originally derived when Adolf Ferdinand Wenceslaus Brix recalculated Balling's scale to a reference temperature of 15.5 °C. The Brix scale was subsequently recalculated again and now uses a reference temperature of 20 °C. Brix can be approximated as 261.3 × (1 − 1/g), where g is the specific gravity of the solution at 20 °C.

The Plato scale which measures in Plato degrees is also a refinement of the Balling scale. It uses a reference temperature of 17.5 °C and a slightly different modulus, with the approximation 260 × (1 − 1/g), where g is the specific gravity of the solution at 17.5 °C.

The three scales are often used interchangeably since the differences are minor.

  • Brix is primarily used in fruit juice, wine making, starch and the sugar industry.
  • Plato is primarily used in brewing.
  • Balling appears on older saccharimeters and is still used in the South African wine industry and in some breweries


Barb Schoeneberger said...

I'm an ale lover. Too bad we don't have any pubs near where I live.

Nod said...

Barb, that is too bad. Nothing beats a good ale at a cozy pub. I hope you at least have access to good ale at the store to enjoy at home.

Still, ale-lovers unite!


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