Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fairfax Complaints

Who to call when someone's gotta be called:

Submitting a complaint online:

NOTE THE IMPORTANT LINK on the left side menu: “Submit a Complaint” More complaints may get faster results (not to mention the cost of our taxpayers money to having to have the police, fire and ambulance trucks come out…).

Zoning Ordinance – General Regulations on Dwelling units

Go to to read the full article.

Other Helpful Links

· How to see who owns what in any Fairfax County neighborhood – including sale history, lot map, etc:

CONTACT: Zoning Enforcement Branch Dept. of Planning and Zoning 703-324-1300

· Who do to call for assistance?:

And the one I'm gunning for: Parking Restrictions - expired/no license plates
FFX Police Non-emergency 703-691-2131

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