Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do the Wegs

The bright spot in my otherwise crappy work month is, strangely enough, Wegmans. This is an awesome store: good prices, fresh produce, sumptuous dishes, easy prep stuff. I ziggied up there for lunch today and had a delectable meatloaf, sauteed green beans, and grilled zucchini and carrots.

When the going gets tough, reach for the comfort food.

And as if it couldn't get better, they just bagged a bunch of floor space in their huge wine department to devote to 700 types of beer. Not that low-brow stuff either, we're talking microbrews and internationals. I couldn't resist picking up some Allagash Grand Cru. I do have a fondness for that Belgian beer.



Mrs. Nod said...

And you are possessive of it. I almost got my head bit off for offering a "beer" to a guest.

Nod said...

I dispute. The guest, aka, my brother got the selfsame beer, but from my hands.

It was my place to offer my beer.


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