Thursday, October 16, 2008

Absolution To Go

In a kind of follow-up on my series on "faith-to-go" (yes two posts does make a series), I give you

This mall-based ministry is managed by the Capuchin Franciscans, and promoted by the Diocese of Colorado Springs, the Colorado Knights of Columbus, and the Capuchin Province of Mid-America.

The back story is that I was in Colorado Springs on some business, and had an hour or two to kill before my flight out. I went to the Mall to find a drugstore to buy some aspirin for the perennial headache I get when near the Mile High state, when I stumbled on this storefront.

So I walk in all friendly, "Hey, what is this, exactly?". A 900 year old Cappuchin walks out of his office and says, "Can I help you?" in an equally 900 year old voice. So I find out that they have a whole chapel for prayer (with tabernacle -- yeah!), spiritual guidance, faith inquiry, vocation discernment, parish and catholic charities referrals. Best of all, they have Mass twice a day ... and Confession!

"Er, hey, I have this plane to catch in an hour ... can I get a Confession to go?". The very nice Capuchin very nicely obliges, although I thought he was going to fall asleep while giving me the absolution. LOL!

Not only that, but the secretary gives me two aspirin! Take two and call me the next time you're in town.

How cool is that? Absolution to go at the mall.

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