Monday, June 6, 2011

LOTR: How It Should Have Ended

I've been working late for a while now to finish up a project. In the evenings after everyone has gone, it gets really, really quiet and a bit dark. I'll be working steadily when I hear a distant "Thoom".

A low, echoing, booming sound that you can feel through the floor. Thoom. Like someone is beating a giant steel drum. Thoom. Thoom. Drums. Drums in the dark.

An ominous sound, and unexplained. Sitting there late in the evening in my dark hole listening to the dull repetitive thumping, it reminds me more than a little of Khazad Dum, the Mines of Moria, from The Lord of the Rings.

A great story, one of my favorites. Of course there are people who feel it should have ended differently and saved everyone the trouble.

Like this:


Elizabeth said...

Other tahn the "mooning" and off color language, that was great. We often mention stuff like that while watching movies at our house...then we say...but then there wouldn't have been a movie ;)
That would have done the trick, though...
My kids just started watching the LOTR movies this week...

John R said...

I've always loved that video. I recently found a pretty compelling answer to "why couldn't LotR end that way?", by Brandon Sanderson (at

Briefly, magic is vague and mysterious enough in that series that to solve the problem with it would have been a cop-out; if magic had been thoroughly defined and given rules (as in most of Sanderson's writing), it would have made more sense to solve their problems with magic.

An interesting read, I think - he's a great author.


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