Sunday, August 25, 2013

And They're Off!

This is the time of year when I'm truly ready to start enjoying Summer. Strangely, it also happens to be the end. The correlation is purely coincidental, I'm sure.

The girls, Blynken, Nod-girl, and Nib, are all set to start school on Monday. By ready I mean they can't find their shoes, can't find their uniforms, just realized they had multiple pages of math and book reports for summer homework, and Nib is whining that she's not sure that she'll like 1st grade because it isn't like Kindergarten. 

So, yeah, they're ready.

Wynken has another week before high school begins, so he's getting ready by declaring a sudden realization that he doesn't own any pants, and he can't wear his old Catholic school uniform to public school.

Nub has been out of special ed summer school and day camp for several weeks now, so he'll be pleasantly surprised when the short bus shows up at our house next week to take him to 3rd grade. I predict several days of falling asleep on the bus on the way home while he gets used to the rigors of going to full-day school again.

Dab is a typical two year old, which is to say he's alternately cute and suicidally dangerous. Did you know that stair-jumping is going to be an Olympic sport? That kid will jump off of anything and he's keeping in good practice.

The girl Nodlings will be moaning and groaning in the morning about just how earRRRRrrrly it is, and how they can't possibly be expected to move at anything beyond a snail's pace because they are sooooo tired. This from the cadre who currently wake at the crack of dawn to begin a game of tickle chase and blanket forts.

We will dutifully bundle them out the door, kiss their little foreheads, assure them of their undoubted success this year, and wave serenely. Then we will close the door, turn to each other and make this face:

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