Monday, August 19, 2013

A Big Howdy

So first of all a big Hi! to all of you visiting from Acts of the Apostasy. How about that LarryD, huh? What a guy. Thanks!

They say I should blog more -- and I will. Now that I got that whole New Scarlet Letter thing off my chest. I've had a lot of Real Life stuff clogging up the writing gears that are now flowing since God applied a little spiritual WD-40.

Right now I'm getting ready for practice for that great Fall event that Mrs. Nod loves to hate -- Football Widow.  I've got the jersey on and put the spuds and the suds on hot standby. Hey, it's only on Sundays, and a few odd Saturdays, oh, and Mondays and the occasional Thursday ...

It's only pre-season, but someone who is just as excited is Nub, my 8-year old with Down Syndrome, who is my faithful companion for rockin' the couch potato position.

So welcome to all, come on in and have a look around. Drop me a comment, you know that I will totally appreciate it!


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