Monday, January 23, 2012

March, er, Lay Down For Life

I took Monday off with a view to going on the annual March For Life and maybe meeting some Catholic bloggers on the way.

Unfortunately, I threw my back out on Friday and have been somewhat laid up all weekend. So, no "marching" for me. :-(

Substitution, ref! Wynken will be going with his 7th grade class, so we will have representation. The weather historically has been cold, bitter, wet, and freezing. This year will be no different.

I'm sure the big media will continue their news blackout and/or offer their perfunctory 2-line reporting, but Life goes on, and so does the March. I want you to think -- as you see and hear of the thousands of (young!) people who went on the March For Life and stood up for what is right -- that for every one who went, there were five, ten, twenty, a hundred more who wanted to but couldn't.

So I will lie here and support you with my prayers and offer my tiny sufferings, that this scourge will pass from our nation and that [H]e shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers. (Mal 4:6)


Mike in CT said...

Praying for a fast recovery for you sir. Will try not to trip over your son's class while we are on the March. God bless!

Nod said...

Thanks Mike! Have a great March.


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