Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Language Teasers

Something sparked a memory today and made me remember this "Latin" joke. Made me smile.
If it doesn't make sense, or your "Latin" is rusty, try reading it out loud.
O sibili si ergo, fortibuses in ero.
O nobili demis trux: sewatis enim? Cowsendux.
And this other gem:
M R ducks.
M R not ducks.
O S A R. C M wangs? C M E D B D I's?
L I B, M R ducks.
For that last one, you could replace ducks with rats or whatever, and get the same joke. Sure, they're groaners, but that's why we like them.

Speaking of Latin, my favorite doggerel as a student:
Latin is a dead language
As dead as it can be;
First it killed the Romans,
And now it's killing me.
And the esoteric: Conjugate the verb to spit
spitto, spittere, ach tui, splattus!

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