Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick And Tired

No, I mean it: I'm sick and tired. I'm forced to stay home today because of a fever and chills.

I had successfully avoided it from Mrs. Nod, Blynken, Nod-girl, and even Nub and Nib. But I think the work triad of my coughing boss and two sick co-workers finally put me over the immunity edge. I am generally hardy when it comes to resisting viruses and such, but I am a complete whiner once I do get sick. "Alas! Woe is me!"

There wasn't any need for playing it up last night, though. I had already taken ibuprofen an hour before, but my fever spiked up anyway -- teeth chattering, chills, the whole bit. Mrs. Nod noted that this was a bit of a role reversal: me cold and she warm.

I have been sleeping on and off since 2:30pm yesterday, and I think I'm all slept out. One thing I've noticed about being sick, other than not feeling well: it's boring. Right now, nobody else is home. With five kids in the house, I usually crave a quiet spot especially from 5pm onward, but this -- this is just dull. With kids, nothing is ever dull -- because "if they're conscious, they want something from you."

Heh. Who knew I'd miss the chaos?


Patrick said...

dude, that sucks. feel better.

Rick said...

It's not yet Lent. Maybe a shot of Brandy can work up a sweat.

Rachael said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well... Hope you are back to yourself soon.

RobK said...

What you need is a stimulus package!


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