Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ok, I usually don't go in for this kind of thing, but sometimes you just want a chuckle. I think we've all had more than our usual Dose of Dourness from the news.
LOLSaints was created in early 2009 by Jeff Geerling in response to a Twitter posting by CurtJester (who runs a humorous blog named, aptly, "The Curt Jester."
Thus, LOLSaints was born. Profound. We know.
Although I must admit, I ran into some prior art over at PaterNosters by accident when I tried to find this site a second time. I don't exactly think it's copyrighted or anything -- like it matters...

Is it reverent? Not especially.
Is it sacrilegious? Not really.
Is it informative? After a fashion.
Is it humorous? Depends on your mood.
But is it LOL? You be the judge. :-)

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