Friday, December 26, 2008

EU, you again?

Found this little article over at Spiegel Online talking about the "Irish problem":
Brussels Invents Trick to Get Irish to Vote Again

Brussels has come up with a new trick aimed at getting Ireland to hold a second referendum on a failed EU treaty. It would like to make concessions to Dublin guaranteeing it the right to determine its own taxation, abortion laws and neutrality -- and to codify those rights as part of Croatia's membership deal.
So it's not just me thinking that the pro-life Irish laws are a major obstacle to the EU supranationalism. Stick to your guns, boys. Make 'em recognize the dignity of human life in writing; challenge the notion of laïcité presupposed by the architects of the new Europe.

St. Thomas Aquinas long ago baptized Aristotle in showing the true relation between faith and reason; why do the EUdomites insist on reinventing the schism? Once upon a time, the Irish saved civilization; possibly they may do it again.

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