Wednesday, December 31, 2008

6th Day of Christmas

On the 6th Day of Christmas ... Wynken learned to ride a bike. Yes, I know it sounds like I already said that, but I didn't. I said Blynken learned to ride a bike. Now it was Wynken's turn. He's tried on and off before, though mostly off.

We bought a bigger bike last year plus some extra-long training wheels, that didn't amount to much. This year, I ripped the training wheels off and made him practice on the little bike to build confidence (he could put his feet flat on the ground). After half an hour of that, we moved up to the big bike and the street. I provided some push and just a little balance, and he did just fine! Steering and braking need some help, and there were one or two crashes, but they were on grass so no big deal.

Wynken needed a lot more encouragement and a few minor threats to get him outside and on that bike, but I think he felt really, really good at how much success he actually had. We're gonna build on that.

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